TRINIDAD WOLF 1M/2M/5M 5.5mm Endoscope Camera USB Android Endoscope Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Android PCTRINIDAD WOLF 1M/2M/5M 5.5mm Endoscope Camera USB Android Endoscope Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Android PCTRINIDAD WOLF 1M/2M/5M 5.5mm Endoscope Camera USB Android Endoscope Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Android PCTRINIDAD WOLF 1M/2M/5M 5.5mm Endoscope Camera USB Android Endoscope Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Android PCTRINIDAD WOLF 1M/2M/5M 5.5mm Endoscope Camera USB Android Endoscope Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Android PCTRINIDAD WOLF 1M/2M/5M 5.5mm Endoscope Camera USB Android Endoscope Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Android PC

TRINIDAD WOLF 1M/2M/5M 5.5mm Endoscope Camera USB Android Endoscope Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Android PC

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Product Description


2017 Newest products for Choice

2016 Newest TRINIDAD WOLF 1M/3M/5M 5.5mm endoscope camera USB android endoscope Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera Endoscope For Android PC USb Endoscope windows phone ,Endoscope industrial,Endoscope pc,Endoscope phone ,Endoscope parts,Endoscope 1m,Endoscope 5m

This camera Only works with Android system phone(above 4.0), Does Not support iOS system;

Your Android Phone must support OTG function, and must support to connect external camera. Please carefully check your phone before ordering,Following is the mobile we tested it before and know it work well .

For Samsung For 9250 G5 9300

For S3 series(I9308 I9300)( For Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K)( For Galaxy S3 SHV-E210L)(i9308)

For S4 series(I9508)( For Galaxy S4 SHV-E300L)( For Galaxy S4 GT-I9405)(i9500)

For Samsung A8 S5 series

For NOT series: For NOT2 NOT3 NOT4 NOT5

Other series: For SCH-P729 nexus10 E230L SM-T805 N5100(tablet) P600(tablet) Tab s2(tablet) m7

For SHV-E230L N915L SHV-e301 SM-T805 SHV-E160L A7 A8 ON7

For Redmi For Redmi Note4 ,For Redmi Max,For Redmi 2 ,For hongmi note

( For Red rice 1S Unicom version)

(For Red rice 2A , CANNOT MATCH )

(For Hongmi Note2 ,hongmi 3 CANNOT MATCH )

For xiaomi For xiaomi 5,For xiaomi 2S For xiaomi 3 For xiaomi 4 For xiaomi note,

For xiaomi tablet (For xiaomi 4c 5s CANNOT MATCH )

For OPPO For Op0pA57

For 9s A31T R7005 R7Plus OPPOR2017 OPPOR3007 OPPOR7007 find7 A31 A33 A51 N5207 OPPOR9S

(For oppo r9tm, For oppoA53,For oppo r7t,For oppoR9,For oppo u3,For OPPOA37m,For OPPOR9,For Oppo N5117 ,

For OPPOa59s ,For oppor7plus CANNOT MATCH )

For nubia For Z5S Z7 Z7MIN Z9MAX Z9min NX511J Z7min nx5aaj
For HTC For E8 M8 NEXUS9 3S 9088 802D M7 M9 M8t D826w m9+
For VIVO For vivoX6s X3s X31 vivo maxL X510t X5Max x510 vivoX7P X9
For Meizu For Meizu note5 X5L MX4 PRO MX5 x2
For Motorola For NEXUS6 MOTO E XPRO Moto G
For LG For NEXUS5 D855 F400S F400I F350L F320S F320L F310I F240L G3

GPro2 G2 Optimus G Pro Optimus LTE2/Optimus G V10 L24 G4

For Sony Sony Xperia-Tablet Z1 or above L50H Z2 LT26i C3(S55T) SGP321(tablet) Z3 Xperia SL SGP312(tablet) Z2L50H Z139T
For Ietv X600,For LETV Mxa2 Le tvx800 1S (For Ietv 3,x500 CANNOT MATCH)
For google For google5 nexus6
For ZTE For V5 V5S V5max U9180 N9180, For ZTE V5 Series ZTE 718 ,For ZTE BV0720 1851


For ASUS For Nexus7 ZenFone2 ZenFone 5
For Pantech For Pantech Vega Popup Note/Vega Iron2/Vega Secret Up/Vega Secret Up/Vega Secret Note/Vega Iron/
Vega No6/Vega R3/
For Nexus For Nexus 5
For TCL For idol3(i806)
For huawei For huawei G7 B199

(For huawei 5s, For huawei P8 youth edition,For huawei MATE8,For honor 6X
For honor 5C,For honor 4C,For honor 5A these model CANNOT MATCH)

For Sony For Sony z3
For Vivo For Vivo X6D

(For vivo Y51A,For vivo Y51A,

For vivox5v,For vivo. V3,For vivox9,For vivo,x7 ,For vivoy23,For y55,For vivo xplay5a CANNOT MATCH)

For Lenovo For Lenovo zuk z2
For Other For 360N4 (For GIONEE 5001s,s5,GN3001,w909 CANNOT MATCH)
The above cell phones have been tested. Basic requirements of the phone needs to have OTG phone . Also be able to support UVC-free camera, the system requires Android above 4.1. Your cell phone should be meet these three requirement together. so that can be work normal. NoteFollowing mobile is not work with our endoscope camera .

For DOOGEE X5 max pro

For Meizu M3 Mini

For Samsung Galaxy A3 2016

For Ulefone Power 2016


For Lenovo p70

For Samsung galaxy s3

For samsung galaxy a3 (2016)

For samsung galaxy on 5

For Samsung Galaxy ACE4 (SM-G318H)

For Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T561)

For Samsung J320

For samsung A3

For mx5 X5

For Samsung G3 GT I9300

For Samsung Galaxy ACE4 (SM-G318H)

For Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T561)

For Samsung GT-I9082

For huawei 5s, For huawei P8 youth edition,For huawei MATE8,For honor 6X

For honor 5C,For honor 4C,For honor 5A

For vivo Y51A,For vivo Y51A,For vivox5v,For vivo. V3,For vivox9,For vivo,x7 ,For vivoy23,For y55,For vivo xplay5a

For oppo r9tm, For oppoA53,For oppo r7t,For oppoR9,For oppo u3,For OPPOA37m,For OPPOR9,For Oppo N5117 ,For OPPOa59s ,For oppor7plus

For Ietv 3,x500

For GIONEE 5001s,s5,GN3001,w909

For Hongmi Note2 ,hongmi 3

For xiaomi 4c 5s


Brand New and high quality ,Full New products.

Camera head outer diameter :5.5mm

View angle: 66

Resolutions : 640*480(VGA). but it can adjust to 1280*720p though software (only in computer )

waterproof level:IP67


Light: 6 Adjustable White LEDs

Support system: Android / Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Endoscope android,Endosope camera,Endosope usb,Endosope hd,Endosope camera android,Endosope 5.5mm ,Endosope ,Endosope 5m,Usb Endosope camera,Endosope wifi,android endoscope waterproof,mini android endoscope

Application Fields:

Intraoral camera system ;

underwater camera ;

waterproof Micro-cameras;

motor vehicle maintenance;

sewer pipeline detector;

search and rescue ;

criminal and custom detector ;

archaeological detect ;

the PCB detection ;

home care ;

aviation and space industries ;

care and tractors industries ;

petroleum drilling industries ;

constructions and so on. Endoscope 10m,Endoscope 2mp,Endoscope 15m,Endoscope 5m,Endoscope 5mm,Endoscope 7mm,Endoscope 1080p,Endoscope 2m,Endoscope 5.5mm

HOW TO USE: Endoscope 5.5mm 2m,Android Endoscope 5.5mm,Endoscope 5.5mm,Endoscope 5.5 hd,Endoscope 5.5mm 2m hd p

Sweep the two-dimensional code on the User Manual ,Install APP,Insert camera

Package Included: android,Endoscope 5.5m 5m,Camera Endoscope 5.5m,Endoscope 5.5mm hd 3.5m,

1x Android Mini USB Endoscope

1x Small hook

1x Magnet

1x Side audition

1x fixed set

1x CD Driver

1x Micro to USB line


1, If buy this endocope ,Any requirement for the mobile phone ?

Yes ,The camera only works with Android system phone(above 4.1),

and the endoscope camera must meet those two conditions support OTG function and support to connect external camera

2,Why the ENDOSCOPE can work in computer ,But not work in cell phone ?

if the ENDOSCOPE cannot work with your cell phone .But Can work with the computer .it means that your cell phone is not match ,And the Endoscope is good .

3,Is this endoscope can work with IOS cell phone ?

No ,this is for Android

4, what Application should be download ?

for android:

for pc:

Usb Endoscope 5.5mm,Endoscope p,Endoscope 7mm,Endoscope 7mm 5m,EndoscopeEndoscope 7m,Android Endoscope p,Endoscope p 5m,Camera Endoscope ,Usb Endoscope 7mm

Usb Endoscope p,Endoscope 8mm,Endoscope 8.5mm,Wifi Endoscope 8mm camera,Endoscope android ,Endoscope usb,Endoscope hd,Endoscope camera android,Endoscope 5.5mm ,Endoscope 5m,Endoscope led,Endoscope 6 led android,Endoscope 6 led,Endoscope led usb,Snake camera Endoscope endosdcope led usb

Camera usb Endoscope 6 leds,Android usb Endoscope 6 led,Android usb Endoscope 6 led 5.5mm lens ,Endoscope otg 2m,Usb Endoscope otg 2mp,Usb Endoscope otg android,Borescope android,Borescope camera,Borescope 5.5mm,Borescope camera for Borescope hd,Borescope Endoscope ,Borescope p,Borescope ios,Borescope inspection camera, endoscope borescope,usb borescope,video borescope,borescope 5.5mm,borescope

Mini endoscope,Mini endoscope camera,Mini endoscope 3.5,Pc lens Mini endoscope,Android Mini endoscope,Usb Mini endoscope,5m waterproof usb mini endoscope borescope,video borescope,borescope 5.5mm,borescope p,infrared borescope,android endoscope borescope,waterproof borescope camera for 6,waterproof borescope inspection camera,waterproof borescope usb

waterproof borescope hd p sony ccd,Android endoscope waterproof borescope inspection ,Endoscope waterproof borescope inspection tube ,Usb led waterproof borescope endoscope inspection ,waterproof borescope 4 led usb ,Endoscope waterproof borescope inspection camera ,waterproof endoscope,Usb waterproof endoscope,waterproof endoscope borescope inspection camera ,waterproof endoscope lens 2m 6 led usb waterproof endoscope borescope snake ,waterproof endoscope lens with 7mm 6 led,waterproof endoscope android ,waterproof endoscope mini hd camera ,waterproof endoscope borescope snake inspection ,waterproof endoscope p 5.5mm ,USB endoscope ,USB endoscope camera

USB endoscope waterproof ,USB endoscope android ,USB endoscope cmos,USB endoscope 5mm,USB endoscope hd,USB endoscope divers ,USB endoscope 2mp,USB endoscope 1080p,inspection camera android ,inspection camera usb

nspection camera endoscope mini,inspection camera,inspection camera endoscope,inspection camera hd,inspection camera snake tube waterproof endoscope,inspection camera snake,inspection camera 10m

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Item Specifics

Brand Name: 
 Snake Industrial Endoscope
Special Features: 
 Waterproof / Weatherproof
Model Number: 
 Mini Camera
Network Interface: 
Supported Operating Systems: 
 Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows Vista
High Definition: 
Supported Mobile Systems: 
Lens (mm): 
Resolution For Mobile Phone: 
Resolution For PC: 
View Angle: 
Focal Distance: 
 4CM in finite
 6 Adjustable white LEDS
Support systems: 
 Android/windows 2000/windows XP/windows 7/windows Vista
 -20-85 Celsius
 Android and pc Endoscope


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